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This sight serves Copperstate Defense Institute, LLC, Events by Noble C. Hathaway, and the Prescott Jazz and Swing Conservatory.  

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James Chirillo

Jim Chirillo and a study of the style of Freddie Green and his unique comping and  rhythm style.

whit smith
Prescott Jazz Conserv

Whit Smith explains his style of swing comping on the guitar.

Ranger Doug

Ranger Doug shows a style of Swing Guitar in this lesson.

Dr Paul

Dr. Paul exhibits some enhancements through different voicings to replace single notes. 

aimee nolte

Aimee talks about HOW TO SWING!  She is a really true illustrative teacher and listen carefully to her tips on practicing and thinking while you play.

The Prescott Jazz and Swing Conservatory
serves to promote Freeform Musicians and the rhythms and syncopations of both the American and Western Swing era. 

We promote jazz and swing for all C instruments in the following ways - live music and those which perform - support education and training of musicians - historical reviews through recordings, film, and other media.

Our geographical scope is mainly in Prescott and the surrounding areas however we reach out to other areas of our State and Country.


We will list events, jazz swing tips and lessons, history, and other issues of relevance on this page and promote on social media or other means available.


Contact Noble C. Hathaway with information of upcoming S&J events or if you want to participate in classes on different styles of playing.

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Thanks to all that attended the “Rhythm Changes” course on July 22nd.  We hope you were stimulated to study this Root Chord Structure even more on your own.

Thanks also for all the continued support from the Elks Performing Arts Center as we endeavor to enhance the musician experience.

We will be making an announcement on our last workshop of the year “It Don’t Mean A Thing If You Ain’t Got That Swing: The Songs of Duke Ellington and More”

This workshop will be for all instruments and we will explore 4 songs by the Duke in a play along environment.