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Copperstate Defense Institute, LLC offers a wide array of firearms and self defense training courses for the beginner to the advanced student. 
The following list contains most of our formal courses throughout the
 United States.

  NRA INRA TCnstructor Ratings including Rifle, Pistol, Range Safety Officer, and others.  These courses are for the NRA FTBVmore experienced student which can verify experience and competency with firearms and teaching skills.  We urge you to receive your NRA Instructor rating through our company and start working with your community as a proven instructor.


  NRA Courses include, Basic Rifle and Pistol, Range Safety Officer, Refuse to be a Victim, NRA Basic and advanced rifle handloading, Firearm Safety in the Home, and Personal Protection in the Home.

NRA CRSO  Becoming an NRA Range Safety Officer teaches you to deal with groups or individuals in a range setting.  Remember, ranges can encompass a wide and diverse setting including outdoor and indoor formal as well as outdoor informal or wilderness settings.  You need to know what to look for to keep your group safe no matter what setting. 


  NRA CIBecoming an NRA Instructor in any specific discipline means you have qualified to teach, manage, and _GA77509instruct others through the stringent guidelines of the proven NRA methodology.  You will become a respected leader in your community and share the many benefits of a well trained professional.



  We are also an Arizona State Rifle and Pistol Association Certified Training Center and offer all the ASRPA ASRPA Training Centerproprietary courses such as the Civilian Anti-Terrorist Active Shooter Survival Course (CATS), the Arizona Defense Match Training Course, the AR15/10 101 and 202 Course, and the Defensive Use of Firearms Course which was developed as the original Department of Public Safety Concealed Carry Course over 15 years ago. 
Many of the schools today are militaristic, harsh, taught by a “drill instructor” or those that have little or even NO talent in instruction to the average civilian.
Our classroom environment is friendly, low key, and comfortable for ANYONE to attend.  Even in groups, some learn faster than others and our ur teaching methods address you as an individual and NOT part of a group with individual attention and explanations of the course.  Our promise to you is that you will have FUN and LEARN at the same time in all of our courses. 


 All of our courses are offered and taught to individuals, public and private groups, and in any location in the_GA77530 US. We also offer custom designed courses and combined multi-day arrangements with your staff or group.

  erichathaway ar15101Noble C. Hathaway is also a quality control and growth and advancement consultant to shooting clubs and groups and offers training luncheons and dinners for your Board of Directors and/or membership.  Speaking engagements are available for fall 2017 and Winter 2018.

Contact noblehathaway(at)gmail.com or contact 623.687.425one for more information or upcoming courses in your area.


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